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    • Band alignment issues related to HfO2/SiO2/p-Si gate stacks 

      Sayan, S.; Emge, T.; Garfunkel, E.; Zhao, X.; Wielunski, L.; Bartynski, R. A.; Vanderbilt, D.; Suehle, J. S.; Süzer, Şefik; Banaszak Holl, M. (American Institute of Physics, 2004-12-15)
      The valence and conduction band densities of states for the HfO2/SiO2/Si structure are determined by soft x-ray photoemission and inverse photoemission. First principles calculations are used to help in assigning valence ...
    • Theoretical analysis of poly(difluoroacetylene) 

      Salzner, U. (American Chemical Society, 2003)
      The electronic structure of poly(difluoroacetylene) was investigated with the aim of determining whether it is a good candidate for a conducting polymer with high n-type conductivity. Positions of valence and conduction ...