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    • Alexander modules of trigonal curves 

      Üçer, Melih (Bilkent University, 2021-02)
      We classify the monodromy Alexander modules of non-isotrivial trigonal curves.
    • Irreducible plane sextics with large fundamental groups 

      Degtyarev, A. (Japan Society of Mathematical Education,Nippon Sugaku Kyoiku Gakkai, 2009)
      We compute the fundamental group of the complement of each irreducible sextic of weight eight or nine (in a sense, the largest groups for irreducible sextics), as well as of 169 of their derivatives (both of and not of ...
    • Plane sextics with a type e8 singular point 

      Degtyarev, A. (Tohoku Daigaku Suugaku Kyoshitsu, 2010)
      We construct explicit geometric models for and compute the fundamental groups of all plane sextics with simple singularities only and with at least one type E8 singular point. In particular, we discover four new sextics ...
    • Stable symmetries of plane sextics 

      Degtyarev, A. (Springer Netherlands, 2008)
      We classify projective symmetries of irreducible plane sextics with simple singularities which are stable under equivariant deformations. We also outline a connection between order 2 stable symmetries and maximal trigonal ...
    • Zariski k-plets via dessins d ' enfants 

      Degtyarev, A. (2009)
      We construct exponentially large collections of pairwise distinct equisingular deformation families of irreducible plane curves sharing the same sets of singularities. The fundamental groups of all curves constructed are ...