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    • The impact of frying aerosol on human brain activity 

      Naseri, M.; Jouzizadeh, M.; Tabesh, M.; Malekipirbazari, Milad; Gabdrashova, R.; Nurzhan, S.; Farrokhi, H.; Khanbabaie, R.; Mehri-Dehnavi, H.; Bekezhankyzy, Z.; Gimnkhan, A.; Dareini, M.; Kurmangaliyeva, A.; Islam, N.; Crape, B.; Buonanno, G.; Cassee, F.; Torkmahalleh, M. (Elsevier, 2019)
      Knowledge on the impact of the exposure to indoor ultrafine particles (UFPs) on the human brain is restricted. Twelve non-atopic, non-smoking, and healthy adults (10 female and 7 male, in average 22 years old) were monitored ...
    • De novo balanced (X;14) translocation in a patient with recurrent miscarriages: Case report 

      Alpaslan Pinarli F.; Ökten G.; ÖzçelIk, T.; Kara, N.; Güneş, S.; Koçak I. (2011)
      We report a 23-year-old phenotypically normal female patient who had previously suffered from recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) who found to have an X;14 trans location and a Methylene- Tetrahdrofolate-Reductase (MTHFR) ...