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    • Fast and accurate algorithms for quadratic phase integrals in optics and signal processing 

      Koç, A.; Özaktaş, Haldun M.; Hesselink L. (SPIE, 2011)
      The class of two-dimensional non-separable linear canonical transforms is the most general family of linear canonical transforms, which are important in both signal/image processing and optics. Application areas include ...
    • Fast and accurate linear canonical transform algorithms 

      Özaktaş, Haldun M.; Koç, A. (IEEE, 2015)
      Linear canonical transforms are encountered in many areas of science and engineering. Important transformations such as the fractional Fourier transform and the ordinary Fourier transform are special cases of this transform ...
    • Nonseperable two-dimensional fractional Fourier transform 

      Sahin, A.; Kutay, M. A.; Özaktaş, Haldun M. (Optical Society of America, 1998)
      Previous generalizations of the fractional Fourier transform to two dimensions assumed separable kernels. We present a nonseparable definition for the two-dimensional fractional Fourier transform that includes the separable ...