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    • Bases in Banach spaces of smooth functions on Cantor-type sets 

      Goncharov, A. P.; Ozfidan, N. (Elsevier, 2011)
      We suggest a Schauder basis in Banach spaces of smooth functions and traces of smooth functions on Cantor-type sets. In the construction, local Taylor expansions of functions are used. © 2011 Elsevier Inc.
    • Bases in some spaces of Whitney functions 

      Goncharov, A.; Ural, Z. (Duke University Press, 2017-06-29)
      We construct topological bases in spaces of Whitney functions on Cantor sets, which were introduced by the first author. By means of suitable individual extensions of basis elements, we construct a linear continuous exten- ...
    • Extension problem and bases for spaces of infinitely differentiable functions 

      Merpez, Zeliha Ural (Bilkent University, 2017-04)
      We examine the Mityagin problem: how to characterize the extension property in geometric terms. We start with three methods of extension for the spaces of Whitney functions. One of the methods was suggested by B. S. Mityagin: ...
    • Logarithmic dimension and bases in whitney spaces 

      Şengül, Yasemin (Bilkent University, 2006)
      In generalization of [3] we will give the formula for the logarithmic dimension of any Cantor-type set. We will demonstrate some applications of the logarithmic dimension in Potential Theory. We will construct a polynomial ...