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    • An approximation algorithm for computing the visibility region of a point on a terrain and visibility testing 

      Alipour, S.; Ghodsi, M.; Gudukbay, U.; Golkari, M. (SciTePress, 2014)
      Given a terrain and a query point p on or above it, we want to count the number of triangles of terrain that are visible from p. We present an approximation algorithm to solve this problem. We implement the algorithm and ...
    • Bar code localization by image processing 

      Öktem, R.; Çetin, A.E. (2005)
      This paper addresses the problem of bar code recognition by use of image processing. Bar codes are composed of parallel alternating dark-light stripes; hence they also appear as parallel lines connected at some orientation ...
    • Online bicriteria load balancing using object reallocation 

      Tse, S. S. H. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009-03)
      We study the bicriteria load balancing problem on two independent parameters under the allowance of object reallocation. The scenario is a system of $M$ distributed file servers located in a cluster, and we propose three ...