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    • A Comparative Passivation Study for InAs / GaSb Pin Superlattice Photodetectors 

      Salihoglu, O.; Muti, A.; Aydınlı, Atilla (IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2013-08)
      In the quest to find ever better passivation techniques for infrared photodetectors, we explore several passivation layers using atomic layer deposition (ALD). We compare the impact of these layers on detectors fabricated ...
    • Thiol passivation of MWIR Type II superlattice photodetectors 

      Salihoğlu, Ömer; Muti, Abdullah; Aydınlı, Atilla (SPIE, 2013)
      Poor passivation on photodetectors can result in catastrophic failure of the device. Abrupt termination of mesa side walls during pixel definition generates dangling bonds that lead to inversion layers and surface traps ...