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    • Perfectly absorbing ultra thin interference coatings for hydrogen sensing 

      Serhatlioglu, M.; Ayas S.; Biyikli, N.; Dana, A.; Solmaz, M. E. (OSA - The Optical Society, 2016)
      Here we numerically demonstrate a straightforward method for optical detection of hydrogen gas by means of absorption reduction and colorimetric indication. A perfectly absorbing metal-insulator-metal (MIM) thin film ...
    • Structural coloring in large scale core-shell nanowires 

      Khudiyev, T.; Ozgur E.; Yaman, M.; Bayindir, M. (American Chemical Society, 2011)
      We demonstrated two complementary size-dependent structural coloring mechanisms, interference and scattering, in indefinitely long core-shell nanowire arrays. The unusual nanostructures are comprised of an amorphous ...