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    • Electrical characteristics of Au/Ti/n-GaAs contacts over a wide measurement temperature range 

      Biyikli, N.; Karabulut, A.; Efeolu, H.; Guzeldir, B.; Turut, A. (Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd., 2014-08-01)
      We have fabricated Au/Ti/n-GaAs/In Schottky barrier diodes using the magnetron dc sputter technique. The capacitance–temperature (C–T) measurements with bias voltage as a parameter and the current–voltage (I–V) and ...
    • Forward tunneling current in Pt/p-InGaN and Pt/n-InGaN Schottky barriers in a wide temperature range 

      Arslan, E.; Çakmak, H.; Özbay, E. (Elsevier, 2012-07-27)
      The current-transport mechanisms of the Pt contacts on p-InGaN and n-InGaN were investigated in a wide temperature range (80-360 K) and in the forward bias regime. It was found that the ideality factor (n) values and ...
    • Operation of a novel hot electron vertical cavity surface emitting laser 

      Balkan, N.; O'Brien-Davies, A.; Thoms, A. B.; Potter, R. J.; Poolton, N.; Adams, M. J.; Masum J.; Bek, A.; Serpenguzel, A.; Aydinli, A.; Roberts J. S. (SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 1998-01)
      The hot Electron Light Emission and Lasing in Semiconductor Heterostructures devices (HELLISH-1) is novel surface emitter consisting of a GaAs quantum well, within the depletion region, on the n side of Ga 1-xAlxAs p- n ...