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    • Graphene-Based Adaptive Thermal Camouflage 

      Salihoglu, O.; Uzlu, H. B.; Yakar, O.; Aas, S.; Balci, O.; Kakenov, N.; Balci, S.; Olcum, S.; Süzer, S.; Kocabas, C. (American Chemical Society, 2018)
      In nature, adaptive coloration has been effectively utilized for concealment and signaling. Various biological mechanisms have evolved to tune the reflectivity for visible and ultraviolet light. These examples inspire many ...
    • Invisible thin-film patterns with strong infrared emission as an optical security feature 

      Bakan, G.; Ayas S.; Serhatlioglu, M.; Elbuken, C.; Dana, A. (Wiley-VCH Verlag, 2018)
      Spectrally selective thermal emission is in high demand for thermophotovoltaics, radiative cooling, and infrared sensing applications. Spectral control of the emissivity is historically achieved by choosing the material ...
    • Nearly perfect resonant absorption and coherent thermal emission by hBN-based photonic crystals 

      Hajian, H.; Ghobadi, A.; Butun, B.; Özbay, Ekmel (Optical Society of America, 2017)
      In this paper, we numerically demonstrate mid-IR nearly perfect resonant absorption and coherent thermal emission for both polarizations and wide angular region using multilayer designs of unpatterned films of hexagonal ...