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    • Fe promoted NOx storage materials: structural properties and NOx uptake 

      Kayhan, E.; Andonova, S. M.; Şentürk, G. S.; Chusuei, C. C.; Ozensoy, E. (American Chemical Society, 2010)
      Fe promoted NOx storage materials were synthesized in the form of FeOx/BaO/Al2O3 ternary oxides with varying BaO (8 and 20 wt %) and Fe (5 and 10 wt %) contents. Synthesized NOx storage materials were investigated via TEM, ...
    • Nature of the Ti-Ba interactions on the BaO/TiO2/Al 2O3 NOx storage system 

      Andonova, S. M.; Şentürk, G. S.; Kayhan, E.; Ozensoy, E. (2009)
      A ternary oxide-based NO* storage material in the form of BaOZTiO2Zy-Al2O3 was synthesized and characterized. Thermally induced structural changes occurring on the surfaces of the TiO2Zy-Al2O3 and BaOZ TiO 2Zy-Al2O3 systems ...