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    • Manipulation of atoms across a surface at room temperature 

      Fishlock, T. W.; Oral, A.; Egdell, R. G.; Pethica, J. B. (Nature Publishing Group, 2000)
      Since the realization that the tips of scanning probe microscopes can interact with atoms at surfaces, there has been much interest in the possibility of building or modifying nanostructures or molecules directly from ...
    • Temperature effects in barium sorption on natural kaolinite and chlorite-illite clays 

      Shahwan, T.; Erten, H. N. (Akademiai Kiado Rt., 2004)
      The sorption of Ba2+ ion on natural kaolinite and chlorite-illite clays was investigated at different initial concentrations and temperatures using the radiotracer method. The sorption data were well described by Freundlich ...