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    • Electronic structure of Te-and As-covered Si(211) 

      Sen, P.; Batra, I. P.; Sivananthan, S.; Grein, C. H.; Dhar, N.; Ciraci, S. (American Physical Society, 2003)
      Electronic and atomic structures of the clean and As- and Te-covered Si(211) surface are studied using pseudopotential density-functional method. The clean surface is found to have (2 x 1) and rebonded (1 x 1) reconstructions ...
    • Finite temperature studies of Te adsorption on Si(0 0 1) 

      Sen, P.; Ciraci, S.; Batra, I. P.; Grein, C. H.; Sivananthan, S. (Elsevier, 2002)
      We perform first principles density functional calculations to investigate the adsorption of Te on the Si(0 0 1) surface from low coverage up to a monolayer coverage. At low coverage, a Te atom is adsorbed on top of the ...
    • Te covered Si(001): a variable surface reconstruction 

      Sen, P.; Ciraci, S.; Batra, I. P.; Grein, C. H. (American Physical Society, 2001)
      At a given temperature, clean and adatom covered silicon surfaces usually exhibit well-defined reconstruction patterns. Our finite temperature ab initio molecular dynamics calculations show that the tellurium covered Si(001) ...