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    • Homogeneous transit timing analyses of 10 exoplanet systems 

      Baştürk, Ö.; Esmer, E. M.; Yalçınkaya, S.; Torun, Ş.; Mancini, L.; Helweh, Fadel El; Karamanlı, Ertuğrul; Southworth, J.; Aliş, S.; Wünsche, A.; Tezcan, F.; Aladağ, Y.; Aksaker, N.; Tunç, Ege; Davoudi, F.; Fişek, S.; Bretton, M.; Evans, D. F.; Yeşilyaprak, C.; Yılmaz, M.; Tezcan, C. T.; Yelkenci, K. (Oxford University Press, 2022-03-07)
      We study the transit timings of 10 exoplanets in order to investigate potential transit timing variations in them. We model their available ground-based light curves, some presented here and others taken from the literature, ...
    • Texture and form in Beat Furrer’s music: an analysis of Presto, and A due 

      H. Javaheri, Mohammad (Bilkent University, 2021-03)
      Frequently used techniques between the compositions of one specific composer can cause recognizability. It is conceivable to tie compositions to their creator by detecting similar compositional approaches or certain specific ...