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    • Assessment methods and how teachers and students view them in a computer science course at Uppsala University 

      Ezel, Mithat Canberk (ACM, 2010)
      I have examined concepts of assessments and aimed to see differences between teachers and students opinions. I created a questionnaire and sent it to three groups in CS department at Uppsala University. These groups were ...
    • The best way to unblock the pipeline in CS is by getting everyone to code in schools. A debate 

      Craig, A.; Lang, C.; Egan, M. A.; Ayfer, Reyyan (ACM, 2016)
      Many believe that the push to increase the number of skilled computer scientists must be a multi-pronged approach and be institutionalized at all levels of education. Some federal and local governments are requiring that ...
    • Coaching engineering freshmen at Bilkent University 

      Özdemir, B. U.; Verhoeven, J. M.; Çelik, B. K. (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Engineering, 2005)
      In September 2003, the Faculty of Engineering at Bilkent University created an office to help first year students adapt to university life and start their academic studies effectively. For each of the three Departments of ...
    • Distance laboratory applications ERRL: A study on radio communication in electronic field 

      Aydın, C. Ç.; Türkmen, G.; Özyurt, E.; Aydın, E. U.; Çaǧıltay, N. E.; Özbek, M. E.; Alparslan, N. Ceren; Kara, A. (IEEE, 2008-05)
      In the last decade, the effect of internet usage in education is gradually increased. When we look from academic perspective, the new technologies provided alternatives for students learning. As distance education becomes ...
    • Effects of cognitive styles on 2D drafting and design performance in digital media 

      Pektas, S.T. (Springer Netherlands, 2010)
      This paper investigates the interactions between design students' cognitive styles, as measured by Riding's Cognitive Styles Analysis, and performance in 2D drafting and design tasks in digital media. An empirical research ...
    • Emerging technologies: Impacts on Distance learning 

      Dede, Christopher J. (1991)
    • Experience using a project-based approach in an introductory programming course 

      Davenport, D. (IEEE, 2000)
      This paper describes how and why our department chose to integrate a sophisticated visual programming environment (DELPHI) into the introductory programming course (CS101/2) of the first-year undergraduate engineering ...
    • Ezber 

      Yücel, Tahsin (1997)
    • In their words: Student feedback on an international project collaboration 

      Chidanandan, A.; Russell-Dag, Lori; Laxer, C.; Ayfer, Reyyan (ACM, 2010)
      In this paper, we describe a collaborative course experience between students from universities in the USA and Turkey. Student teams worked together on a software engineering project for a non-profit organization based in ...
    • Keeping the pace in CS-1 through the use of CMS 

      Kültür, Can (ACM, 2009)
      In this poster, it is aimed to share the experience of using course management systems (CMS) in a CS-1 course. The aim was to focus on the individual needs of students while learning programming. Creating a social online ...
    • Multicore education through simulation 

      Öztürk, Özcan (IEEE, 2009-07)
      This paper presents the experiences using a commercial full system simulation platform - Simics - in a graduate Chip Multiprocessors class. The Simics platform enables students and researchers to do research on computer ...
    • An orientation course for freshmen in engineering 

      Çelik, Berrin Keyik; Özdemir, B. U.; Verhoeven, J. M. (European Society for Engineering Education, 2006)
      To realize our mission as Academic Student Coordinators for engineering freshmen at Bilkent University, we offer an orientation course. This one credit required course can be seen as a tool to meet all students regularly ...
    • Remzi Oğuz Arık biyografisi 

      Kılıç, Şükran Başak; Gürsoy, Yağmur; Orçan, Deniz; Sarıtaç, Pelin Şevval; Nakas, Ece (Bilkent University, 2022)
      Remzi Oğuz Arık, hayatı boyunca özellikle arkeoloji alanında faaliyetlerde bulunmuş; siyasetle ilgilenmiş ve bunların yanı sıra birkaç tane de kitap yazmıştır. Maarif Vekâletinin eğitim amacıyla yurt dışına gönderdiği ...
    • Teaching L’Opéra-Mouffe (1958) 

      Kennedy-Karpat, Colleen (Intellect, 2022)
      This article describes the advantages of teaching Agnès Varda’s early short film L’Opéra-Mouffe, known in English as Diary of a Pregnant Woman, in an introductory course on film form. This award winning, sixteen-minute ...
    • Teaching science, technology, and society to engineering students: a sixteen year journey 

      Özaktaş, Haldun M. (Springer, 2013)
      The course Science, Technology, and Society is taken by about 500 engineering students each year at Bilkent University, Ankara. Aiming to complement the highly technical engineering programs, it deals with the ethical, ...
    • The Mayonnaise professors 

      Almansi, Guido (1974)
    • Tutorial services for students at Bilkent University an evaluation after five years 

      Çelik, B. Keyik; Özdemir, B. Uslu; Verhoeven, John M (Sense Publishers, 2008)
      To realize our mission as academic coordinators for engineering students at Bilkent University, we facilitate in different ways tutorial services. These focus on the first year courses for physics, mathematics and computer ...
    • Use of intuitive tools to enhance student learning and user experience 

      Altın, Rukiye; Bektik, Mustafa; Ekşioǧlu, Nuray; Koray, Can; Öner, Ömer Canbek; Sadetaş, Merve; Şener, Hilal; Şimşek, D.; Ma, C. C.; Price, C.; Routh, C. R. (ACM, 2009)
      Most user interfaces today present system functions by use of verbal or iconic symbols on static 2D menu pages organized in a hierarchical system [1]. This is unnatural to all human beings and must be learned, thus being ...