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    • Object tracking under illumination variations using 2D-cepstrum characteristics of the target 

      Cogun, Fuat; Çetin, A. Enis (IEEE, 2010)
      Most video processing applications require object tracking as it is the base operation for real-time implementations such as surveillance, monitoring and video compression. Therefore, accurate tracking of an object under ...
    • Relative position-based spatial relationships using mathematical morphology 

      Cinbiş, R. Gökberk; Aksoy, Selim (IEEE, 2007-09-10)
      Spatial information is a crucial aspect of image understanding for modeling context as well as resolving the uncertainties caused by the ambiguities in low-level features. We describe intuitive, flexible and efficient ...
    • SAR image reconstruction by EMMP algorithm 

      Uǧur, Salih; Arıkan, Orhan; Gürbüz, A. C. (IEEE, 2012-04)
      In this work, EMMP algorithm is used to solve the SAR image reconstruction problem which is modelled in the compressed sensing context. It is found that the sparsity parameter of the target region is an important parameter ...