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    • A distributed positioning algorithm for cooperative active and passive sensors 

      Gholami, M.R.; Gezici, S.; Rydström, M.; Ström, E.G. (2010)
      The problem of positioning a target node is studied for wireless sensor networks with cooperative active and passive sensors. Two-way time-of-arrival and time-difference-of-arrival measurements made by both active and ...
    • Optimal jammer placement in wireless localization networks 

      Gezici, S.; Bayram, S.; Gholami, M. R.; Jansson, M. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2015)
      The optimal jammer placement problem is proposed for a wireless localization network, where the aim is to degrade the accuracy of locating target nodes as much as possible. In particular, the optimal location of a jammer ...
    • Positioning algorithms for cooperative networks in the presence of an unknown turn-around time 

      Gholami, M.R.; Gezici, Sinan; Ström, E.G.; Rydström, M. (IEEE, 2011)
      This paper addresses the problem of single node positioning in cooperative network using hybrid two-way time-of-arrival and time-difference-of-arrival where, the turn-around time at the target node is unknown. Considering ...