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    • Activating mutations of STAT5B and STAT3 in lymphomas derived from γδ-T or NK cells 

      Küçük, C.; Jiang, B.; Hu X.; Zhang W.; Chan J.K.C.; Xiao W.; Lack, N.; Alkan, C.; Williams J.C.; Avery, K.N.; Kavak P.; Scuto, A.; Sen, E.; Gaulard P.; Staudt L.; Iqbal J.; Zhang W.; Cornish, A.; Gong Q.; Yang Q.; Sun H.; D'Amore F.; Leppä, S.; Liu W.; Fu, K.; De Leval L.; McKeithan, T.; Chan W.C. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
      Lymphomas arising from NK or γδ-T cells are very aggressive diseases and little is known regarding their pathogenesis. Here we report frequent activating mutations of STAT3 and STAT5B in NK/T-cell lymphomas (n=51), γδ-T-cell ...