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    • A 3D dynamic model of a spherical wheeled self-balancing robot 

      Inal, A.N.; Morgul O.; Saranli, U. (2012)
      Mobility through balancing on spherical wheels has recently received some attention in the robotics literature. Unlike traditional wheeled platforms, the operation of such platforms depends heavily on understanding and ...
    • Decentralized blocking zeros and the decentralized strong stabilization problem 

      Ünyelioğlu, K. A.; Özgüler, A. B.; Özgüner, Ü. (IEEE, 1995)
      This paper is concerned with a new system theoretic concept, decentralized blocking zeros, and its applications in the design of decentralized controllers for linear time-invariant finite-dimensional systems. The concept ...
    • Non-Markovian dynamics in ultracold Rydberg aggregates 

      Genkin, M.; Schönleber, D. W.; Wüster, S.; Eisfeld, A. (Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd., 2016)
      We propose a setup of an open quantum system in which the environment can be tuned such that either Markovian or non-Markovian system dynamics can be achieved. The implementation uses ultracold Rydberg atoms, relying on ...