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    • Dissipation in a finite-size bath 

      Carcaterra, A.; Akay, A. (American Physical Society, 2011-07-18)
      We investigate the interaction of a particle with a finite-size bath represented by a set of independent linear oscillators with frequencies that fall within a finite bandwidth. We discover that when the oscillators have ...
    • Homozygosity mapping and targeted genomic sequencing reveal the game responsible for cerebellar hypoplasia and quadrupedal locomotion in a consanguineous kindred 

      Gulsuner, S.; Tekinay, A. B.; Doerschner, K.; Boyaci, H.; Bilguvar, K.; Unal, H.; Ors, A.; Onat, O. E.; Atalar, E.; Basak, A. N.; Topaloglu, H.; Kansu, T.; Tan, M.; Tan, U.; Gunel, M.; Ozcelik, T. (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2011-09-01)
      The biological basis for the development of the cerebro-cerebellar structures required for posture and gait in humans is poorly understood. We investigated a large consanguineous family from Turkey exhibiting an extremely ...
    • Transnational terrorism under structural realism 

      Sarı, Burcu (Bilkent University, 2003)
      This thesis aims to analyze the concept of terrorism under the impact of international structure. For that purpose, first, the concept of terrorism is compared with other types of violence and its common characteristics ...