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    • A five-level static cache architecture for web search engines 

      Ozcan, R.; Altingovde, I. S.; Cambazoglu, B. B.; Junqueira, F. P.; Ulusoy, Ö. (Elsevier Ltd, 2012)
      Caching is a crucial performance component of large-scale web search engines, as it greatly helps reducing average query response times and query processing workloads on backend search clusters. In this paper, we describe ...
    • A machine learning approach for result caching in web search engines 

      Kucukyilmaz T.; Cambazoglu, B. B.; Aykanat, C.; Baeza-Yates R. (Elsevier, 2017)
      A commonly used technique for improving search engine performance is result caching. In result caching, precomputed results (e.g., URLs and snippets of best matching pages) of certain queries are stored in a fast-access ...
    • Static query result caching revisited 

      Ozcan, R.; Altingovde I.S.; Ulusoy O. (2008)
      Query result caching is an important mechanism for search engine efficiency. In this study, we first review several query features that are used to determine the contents of a static result cache. Next, we introduce a new ...
    • Utilization of navigational queries for result presentation and caching in search engines 

      Ozcan, R.; Altingovde I.S.; Ulusoy O. (2008)
      We propose result page models with varying granularities for navigational queries and show that this approach provides a better utilization of cache space and reduces bandwidth requirements.