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    • Coupled plasmon-LO-phonon modes in GaInAs quantum wires 

      Mutluay, N.; Tanatar, B. (American Institute of Physics., 1996-06-20)
      We study the collective excitation modes of coupled quasi-one-dimensional electron gas and longitudinal-optical phonons in GaInAs quantum wires within the random-phase approximation. In contrast to the higher-dimensional ...
    • Detecting squeezed phonons through an indirect radiative transition 

      MÜstecaplioglu, Ö. E.; Shumovsky, A. S. (A I P Publishing LLC, 1997-04-27)
      A model of the effect of the longitudinal optical phonon number distribution on the Rabi oscillations of the photons involved in the associated indirect transition in a semiconductor is presented. It is shown that a faster ...
    • Religious discrimination and international crises: international effects of domestic inequality 

      Özdamar, Ö.; Akbaba, Y. (Oxford University Press, 2014)
      This paper explores religious discrimination against ethnic groups and foreign policy crisis linkages as part of the broader foreign policy approaches developed by McGowan and Shapiro (1973) and James and Özdamar (2005, ...