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    • Experimental demonstration of highly confined photonic crystal based waveguides 

      Bayındır, Mehmet; Özbay, Ekmel; Temelkuran, B.; Sigalas, M. M.; Soukoulis, C. M.; Biswas, R.; Ho, K. M. (IEEE, 2001)
      The bending and guiding of the electromagnetic (EM) waves in highly confined waveguides was demonstrated. The electromagnetic waves were constructed by removing a single rod from a perfect three layer-by-layer photonic ...
    • Infrared photoluminescence from TlGaS2 layered single crystals 

      Yuksek, N. S.; Gasanly, N. M.; Aydınlı, Atilla; Ozkan, H.; Acikgoz, M. (Wiley - V C H Verlag GmbH & Co., 2004)
      Photolimuniscence (PL) spectra of TlGaS2 layered crystals were studied in the wavelength region 500-1400 nm and in the temperature range 15-115 K. We observed three broad bands centered at 568 nm (A-band), 718 nm (B-band) ...