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    • Perceived auditory environment in historic spaces of anatolian culture : a case study on Hacı Bayram mosque 

      Acun V.; Yilmazer, Semiha; Taherzadeh, P. (International Institute of Acoustics and Vibrations, 2016)
      This article reports the initial finds of a research that is concerned with the perceived auditory environment within an historical mosque and its surroundings. Haci Bayram Mosque and its surrounding area of Hamamönü has ...
    • Real time noise-cancellation using ICA, PSO and PE 

      Bor, R. İrem; Ider, Y. Ziya; Arıkan, Orhan; Ertan, Erdem (IEEE, 2012)
      In order to provide noiseless transmission of speech in wireless communication systems a real-time implementable noise cancellation algorithm is developed. Speech and noise sources are not known but only their mixtures are ...