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    • Framework for online superimposed event detection by sequential Monte Carlo methods 

      Urfalıoğlu, Onay; Kuruoğlu, E. E.; Çetin, A. Enis (IEEE, 2008-03-04)
      In this paper, we consider online seperation and detection of superimposed events by applying particle filtering. We concentrate on a model where a background process, represented by a 1D-signal, is superimposed by an ...
    • Source and filter estimation for Throat-Microphone speech enhancement 

      Turan, M. A. T.; Erzin, E. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016)
      In this paper, we propose a new statistical enhancement system for throat microphone recordings through source and filter separation. Throat microphones (TM) are skin-attached piezoelectric sensors that can capture speech ...