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    • FPTAS for half-products minimization with scheduling applications 

      Erel, E.; Ghosh, J. B. (Elsevier, 2008)
      A special class of quadratic pseudo-boolean functions called "half-products" (HP) has recently been introduced. It has been shown that HP minimization, while NP-hard, admits a fully polynomial time approximation scheme ...
    • On the boundary control of Kirchhoff's nonlinear string 

      Morgül, Ömer; Shahruz, S. M. (IFAC, 2007)
      In this paper we propose two new classes of controllers which stabilize Kirchhoff's nonlinear string by using boundary control techniques. We assume that the boundary displacement is the only available measurement. The ...
    • Uncertainty and dissipation 

      Carcaterra, A.; Akay, Adnan (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2012-09)
      This paper discusses the question of the energy confinement in mechanical structures in the light of the uncertainties affecting the natural frequencies of the system. More precisely, recent studies have shown that energy ...