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    • Photonic Crystal based spatial filtering 

      Colak, E.; Çakmak, A. Özgür; Serebryannikov, Andriy E.; Özbay, Ekmel (IEEE, 2009)
      Two dimensional Photonic Crystal structure is used to achieve spatial filtering. The structure provides bandstop filtering in the incident angle range of 18° to 38°. The transmission is close to unity outside of this range. ...
    • Spatial filtering using dielectric photonic crystals at beam-type excitation 

      Colak, E.; Cakmak, A. O.; Serebryannikov, A. E.; Özbay, Ekmel (American Institute of Physics, 2010-12-06)
      Spatial filtering is demonstrated at beam-type excitations by utilizing finite thickness slabs of two-dimensional dielectric photonic crystals (PCs) showing exotic Fabry-Perot resonances that are preserved over a wide range ...
    • Wide-angle reflection-mode spatial filtering and splitting with photonic crystal gratings and single-layer rod gratings 

      Serebryannikov, A. E.; Lalanne, P.; Petrov, A. Y.; Özbay, Ekmel (Optical Society of American (OSA), 2014)
      New diffractive optical elements offering a frequency tolerant, very efficient, high-pass and bandpass spatial filtering over a broad range of incidence angles are demonstrated by numerical simulations. The device operates ...