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    • Morphological segmentation of urban structures 

      Gökhan Akçay H.; Aksoy, S. (2007)
      Automatic segmentation of high-resolution remote sensing imagery is an important problem in urban applications because the resulting segmentations can provide valuable spatial and structural information that are complementary ...
    • Remote sensing and 2-D imaging of ionosphere by IONOLAB group 

      Arikan F.; Toker, C.; Sezen, U.; Deviren, M.N.; Cilibas O.; Arikan, O. (IEEE Computer Society, 2014)
      In this study, research activities of IONOLAB group on remote sensing and 2-D imaging of ionosphere in the last 10 years will be summarized. In TUBITAK EEEAG 105E171 and 109E055 projects, a novel Total Electron Content ...