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    • Guessing subject to distortion 

      Arikan, E.; Merhav, N. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1998-05)
      We investigate the problem of guessing a random vector X within distortion level D. Our aim is to characterize the best attainable performance in the sense of minimizing, in some probabilistic sense, the number of required ...
    • Large deviations of probability rank 

      Arıkan, Erdal (IEEE, 2000)
      Consider a pair of random variables (X,Y) with distribution P. The probability rank function is defined so that G(x|y) = 1 for the most probable outcome x conditional on Y = y, G(x|y) = 2 for the second most probable ...
    • Source polarization 

      Arıkan, Erdal (IEEE, 2010)
      The notion of source polarization is introduced and investigated. This complements the earlier work on channel polarization. An application to Slepian-Wolf coding is also considered. The paper is restricted to the case of ...