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    • In their words: Student feedback on an international project collaboration 

      Chidanandan, A.; Russell-Dag, Lori; Laxer, C.; Ayfer, Reyyan (ACM, 2010)
      In this paper, we describe a collaborative course experience between students from universities in the USA and Turkey. Student teams worked together on a software engineering project for a non-profit organization based in ...
    • Numerical methods and software tools for simulation, design, and resonant mode analysis of radio frequency birdcage coils used in MRI 

      Gurler, N.; Ider, Y. Z. (Wiley-Liss Inc., 2015)
      Design of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) radiofrequency (RF) coils using lumped circuit modeling based techniques begins to fail at high frequencies, and therefore more accurate models based on the electromagnetic field ...
    • The systems biology graphical notation 

      Le Novère, N.; Hucka, M.; Mi, H.; Moodie, S.; Schreiber, F.; Sorokin, A.; Demir, Emek; Wegner, K.; Aladjem, M. I.; Wimalaratne, S. M.; Bergman, F. T.; Gauges, R.; Ghazal, P.; Kawaji, H.; Li, L.; Matsuoka, Y.; Villéger, A.; Boyd, S. E.; Calzone, L.; Courtot, M.; Doğrusöz, Uğur; Freeman, T. C.; Funahashi, A.; Ghosh, S.; Jouraku, A.; Kim, S.; Kolpakov, F.; Luna, A.; Sahle, S.; Schmidt, E.; Watterson, S.; Wu, G.; Goryanin, I.; Kell, D. B.; Sander, C.; Sauro, H.; Snoep, J. L.; Kohn, K.; Kitano, H. (Nature Publishing Group, 2009-08)
      Circuit diagrams and Unified Modeling Language diagrams are just two examples of standard visual languages that help accelerate work by promoting regularity, removing ambiguity and enabling software tool support for ...