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    • Assessment of information redundancy in ECG signals 

      Acar, Burak; Özçakır, Lütfü; Köymen, Hayrettin (IEEE, 1997-09)
      In this paper, the morphological information redundancy in standard 12 lead ECG channels is studied. Study is based on decomposing the ECG channels into orthogonal channels by an SVD based algorithm and then reconstructing ...
    • SVD-based on-line exercise ECG signal orthogonalization 

      Acar, B.; Köymen, Hayrettin (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1999-03)
      An orthogonalization method to eliminate unwanted signal components in standard 12-lead exercise electrocardiograms (ECG's) is presented in this work. A singular-value-decomposition-based algorithm is proposed to decompose ...
    • Tomographic reconstruction of the ionospheric electron density as a function of space and time 

      Erturk, O.; Arıkan, Orhan; Arikan, F. (ELSEVIER, 2009)
      Electron density distribution is the major determining parameter of the ionosphere. Computerized Ionospheric Tomography (CIT) is a method to reconstruct ionospheric electron density image by computing Total Electron Content ...