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    • Design and fabrication of CSWAP gate based on nano-electromechanical systems 

      Yüksel, Mert; Erbil, Selçuk Oğuz; Arı, Atakan B.; Hanay, M. Selim (Springer, Cham, 2016)
      In order to reduce undesired heat dissipation, reversible logic offers a promising solution where the erasure of information can be avoided to overcome the Landauer limit. Among the reversible logic gates, Fredkin (CSWAP) ...
    • High-Q silicon-on-insulator optical rib waveguide racetrack resonators 

      Kiyat I.; Aydınlı, Atilla; Dagli, N. (Optical Society of American (OSA), 2005)
      In this work, detailed design and realization of high quality factor (Q) racetrack resonators based on silicon-on-insulator rib waveguides are presented. Aiming to achieve critical coupling, suitable waveguide geometry is ...
    • Polarization characteristics of compact SOI rib waveguide racetrack resonators 

      Kiyat, I.; Aydınlı, Atilla; Dagli, N. (IEEE, 2005)
      We report on the development of compact optical racetrack resonators on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) rib waveguides. We make use of large-cross-section waveguides instead of photonic wire waveguides. We fabricated resonators ...
    • Practical multi-featured perfect absorber utilizing high conductivity silicon 

      Gok, A.; Yilmaz, M.; Bıyıklı, N.; Topallı, K.; Okyay, Ali Kemal (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2016)
      We designed all-silicon, multi-featured band-selective perfect absorbing surfaces based on CMOS compatible processes. The center wavelength of the band-selective absorber can be varied between 2 and 22 μm while a bandwidth ...
    • Pressure sensing using micromachined asymmetric integrated vertical coupler 

      Kıyat, İsa; Kocabaş, Coşkun; Aydınlı, Atilla (IEEE, 2003)
      Analysis of a novel pressure sensor based on a SOI asymmetric vertical coupler is presented. The integrated optical component is a coupler composed of a single mode low index waveguide and a thin silicon slab.