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    • Choroid Plexus Papillomas in two Siblings: Case Report 

      Okay O.; Daglioglu, E.; Yakicier, C.; Uren, D.; Dalgic, A.; Ergungor F. (2009)
      Choroid plexus papilloma (CPP) is a rare, benign epithelial brain tumor of the nervous system seen particularly in infants. Familial cases are extremely uncommon. Some other form of malignant tumors was noted in the relatives ...
    • Novel VLDLR microdeletion identified in two Turkish siblings with pachygyria and pontocerebellar atrophy 

      Kolb, L. E.; Arlier, Z.; Yalcinkaya, C.; Ozturk, A. K.; Moliterno, J. A.; Erturk, O.; Bayrakli, F.; Korkmaz, B.; DiLuna, M. L.; Yasuno, K.; Bilguvar, K.; Ozcelik, T.; Tuysuz, B.; State, M. W.; Gunel, M. (Springer, 2010)
      Congenital ataxia with cerebellar hypoplasia is a heterogeneous group of disorders that presents with motor disability, hypotonia, incoordination, and impaired motor development. Among these, disequilibrium syndrome describes ...