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    • Two-dimensional boson-fermion mixtures 

      Subaşi, A.L.; Sevinçli, S.; Vignolo P.; Tanatar, Bilal (2009)
      Using mean-field theory, we study the equilibrium properties of boson-fermion mixtures confined in a harmonic pancake-shaped trap at zero temperature. When the modulus of the s -wave scattering lengths are comparable to ...
    • Vortex lattices in dipolar two-compenent Bose-Einstein condensates 

      Ghazanfari, N.; Keles, A.; Oktel, M. O. (American Physical Society, 2014-02-21)
      We consider a rapidly rotating two-component Bose-Einstein condensate with short-range s-wave interactions as well as dipolar coupling. We calculate the phase diagram of vortex lattice structures as a function of the ...