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    • Aviation risk perception: a comparison between experts and novices 

      Thomson, M. E.; Önkal D.; Avcioǧlu, A.; Goodwin, P. (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2004)
      This article describes an exploratory investigation of the risk perceptions of experts and novices in relation to helicopter operations, under conditions where the participants are matched on various characteristics ...
    • Impact of lighting arrangements and illuminances on different impressions of a room 

      Durak, A.; Camgöz Olguntürk, N.; Yener, C.; Güvenç, D.; Gürçinar, Y. (Elsevier, 2007)
      This study explores whether different lighting arrangements (general lighting, wall washing and cove lighting) and different illuminances (500 and 320 lux) could affect the perception of the same space. An experimental ...