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    • Beyond the 'East-West' dichotomy: Global variation in cultural models of selfhood 

      Vignoles, V. L.; Owe, E.; Becker, M.; Smith, P. B.; Easterbrook, M. J.; Brown, R.; González, R.; Didier, N.; Carrasco, D.; Cadena, M. P.; Lay, S.; Schwartz, S. J.; Rosiers, S. E. D.; Villamar, J. A.; Gavreliuc, A.; Zinkeng, M.; Kreuzbauer, R.; Baguma, P.; Martin, M.; Tatarko, A.; Herman, G.; de Sauvage, I.; Courtois, M.; Gardarsdóttir, R. B.; Harb, C.; Gallo, I. S.; Gil, P. P.; Clemares, R. L.; Campara, G.; Nizharadze, G.; Macapagal, M. E. J.; Jalal, B.; Bourguignon, D.; Zhang, J.; Lv, S.; Chybicka, A.; Yuki, M.; Zhang X.; Espinosa, A.; Valk, A.; Abuhamdeh, S.; Amponsah, B.; Özgen E.; Guner, E. Ü.; Yamakoglu, N.; Chobthamkit, P.; Pyszczynski, T.; Kesebir, P.; Trujillo, E. V.; Balanta, P.; Ayala, B. C.; Koller, S. H.; Jaafar, J. L.; Gausel, N.; Fischer, R.; Milfont, T. L.; Kusdil, E.; Çağlar, S.; Aldhafri, S.; Ferreira, M. C.; Mekonnen, K. H.; Wang, Q.; Fülöp, M.; Torres, A.; Camino, L.; Lemos, F. C. S.; Fritsche, I.; Möller, B.; Regalia, C.; Manzi, C.; Brambilla, M.; Bond, M. H. (American Psychological Association Inc., 2016)
      Markus and Kitayama's (1991) theory of independent and interdependent self-construals had a major influence on social, personality, and developmental psychology by highlighting the role of culture in psychological processes. ...
    • Culture and the distinctiveness motive: constructing identity in individualistic and collectivistic contexts 

      Becker, M.; Vignoles, V. L.; Owe, E.; Brown, R.; Smith, P. B.; Easterbrook, M.; Herman, G.; De Sauvage, I.; Bourguignon, D.; Torres, A.; Camino, L.; Lemos, F. C. S.; Ferreira, M. S.; Koller, S. H.; Gonzãlez, R.; Carrasco, D.; Cadena, M. P.; Lay, S.; Wang, Q.; Bond, M. H.; Trujillo, E.; Balanta, P.; Valk, A.; Mekonnen, K. H.; Nizharadze, G.; Fülöp, M.; Regalia, C.; Manzi, C.; Brambilla, M.; Harb, C.; Aldhafri, S.; Martin, M.; Macapagal, M. E. J.; Chybicka, A.; Gavreliuc, A.; Buitendach, J.; Gallo, I.; Özgen E.; Güner, Ü. E.; Yamakoğlu, N. (American Psychological Association, 2012)
      The motive to attain a distinctive identity is sometimes thought to be stronger in, or even specific to, those socialized into individualistic cultures. Using data from 4,751 participants in 21 cultural groups (18 nations ...