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    • Selective replicated declustering for arbitrary queries 

      Oktay, K. Yasin; Türk, Ata; Aykanat, Cevdet (Springer, 2009-08)
      Data declustering is used to minimize query response times in data intensive applications. In this technique, query retrieval process is parallelized by distributing the data among several disks and it is useful in ...
    • Temporal workload-aware replicated partitioning for social networks 

      Turk, A.; Selvitopi, R. O.; Ferhatosmanoglu, H.; Aykanat, Cevdet (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2014-11)
      Most frequent and expensive queries in social networks involve multi-user operations such as requesting the latest tweets or news-feeds of friends. The performance of such queries are heavily dependent on the data ...