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    • Bir fakelore örneği olarak Çağan Irmak’ın “takip”i 

      Aka, B. (Geleneksel Yayıncılık, 2009)
      Bu yazıda, Walter J. Ong’un “birincil sözlü kültür” ve “ikincil sözlü kültür” tanımlarından hareketle ikincil sözlü kültür ürünü olarak adlandırabilecek olan Çağan Irmak’ın Takip adlı filminde, birincil sözlü kültür ...
    • Kalp Gözü, legend and secondary oral culture 

      Tunç, G. (2005)
      This article aims to analyze a TV show called "Kalp Gözü" and broadcasted by Kanal 7 in terms of folklore. To this end first, the relationship between "Kalp Gözü" and legend, one of the oral literary woks, will be questioned. ...
    • Old Wines in the "New Bottles": Ekmek Teknesi, a series telling folk tales 

      Demirkol, N. (2005)
      This article aims to analyze the usage of oral culture in the era of electronic mass communication. Water J. Ong's "primary oral culture" and "secondary oral culture" terms was the basis of this study. In this frame a ...