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    • A query model and an object algebra for object-oriented databases 

      Al- Hajj, Reda (Bilkent University, 1993)
      A query model is an important component of any database system. In this sense, the relational model has a well defined underlying query model. On the other hand, a well defined query model for object-oriented databases ...
    • Reusability and schema evolution in object - oriented query models 

      Polat, F.; Alhajj, R. (ASME, New York, NY, United States, 1996)
      In this paper, we have benefited from having an object algebra maintaining closure that makes it possible to have the output from a query persistent in the hierarchy. Based on this, it is possible to maximize reusability ...
    • Storage management and indexing in object-oriented database management systems 

      Al-Hajj, Reda (Bilkent University, 1990)
      Storage management and indexing methods used in existing conventional database management systems are not appropriate for the object-oriented database management systems due to the distinctive features of the later systems. ...