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    • Quality of college life (QCL) of students: further validation of a measure of well-being 

      Sirgy, M. J.; Lee, D. -J.; Grzeskowiak, S.; Yu, G. B.; Webb, D.; El-Hasan, K.; Garcia Vega, J. J.; Ekici, A.; Johar, J. S.; Krishen, A.; Kangal, A.; Swoboda, B.; Claiborne, C. B.; Maggino, F.; Rahtz, D.; Canton, A.; Kuruuzum, A. (Springer, 2010)
      This paper reports a study designed to further validate a measure of quality of college life (QCL) of university students (Sirgy, Grzeskowiak, Rahtz, Soc Indic Res 80(2), 343-360, 2007). Two studies were conducted: a ...