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    • From hate to love: how learning can change affective responses to touched materials 

      Cavdan, M.; Freund, A.; Trieschmann, A.-K.; Doerschner, Katja; Drewing, K. (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2020)
      People display systematic affective reactions to specific properties of touched materials. For example, granular materials such as fine sand feel pleasant, while rough materials feel unpleasant. We wondered how far such ...
    • Tactile perception by friction induced vibrations 

      Fagiani, R.; Massi, F.; Chatelet, E.; Berthier, Y.; Akay, A. (2011)
      When a finger moves to scan the surface of an object (haptic sensing), the sliding contact generates vibrations that propagate in the finger skin activating the receptors (mechanoreceptors) located in the skin, allowing ...