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    • I have, therefore i love: status quo preference in mate choice 

      Gunaydin, G.; Selcuk, E.; Yilmaz, C.; Hazan, C. (Sage Publications, Inc., 2018)
      Decades of research indicate that individuals adhere to existing states (“status quo bias”) and value them more (“endowment effect”). The present work is the first to investigate status quo preference within the context ...
    • Responsiveness as a key predictor of happiness: mechanisms and unanswered questions 

      Günaydın, Gül; Selçuk, E.; Karagöbek, A. B. (Springer, 2018)
      The importance of close relationships for happiness has long been recognized. This long-held interest has produced an increase in relevant empirical work investigating the links between relationships and personal well-being ...