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    • Ascending Combinatorial Auctions with Risk Averse Bidders 

      Guler, K.; Bichler, M.; Petrakis I. (Springer, 2016)
      Ascending combinatorial auctions are being used in an increasing number of spectrum sales worldwide, as well as in other multi-item markets in procurement and logistics. Much research has focused on pricing and payment ...
    • Hit or miss? Test taking behavior in multiple choice exams 

      Akyol, Pelin (Groupe des Ecoles Nationales d'Economie et Statistique (GENES), 2022-09)
      This paper is the first to structurally model how a test taker answers questions in a multiple choice exam. We allow for the possibility of a penalty for a wrong answer which makes risk averse examinees more likely to skip ...
    • Managerial motivation dynamics and incentives 

      Kocabıyıkoğlu, A.; Popescu, I. (2007)
      Firms can increase profitability by appropriately motivating managers. We investigate drivers of managerial motivation, and propose how firms can use performance pay to alter motivational patterns. We focus on the agent's ...