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    • Electrically controlled resistive switching assisted active ultra-broadband optical tunability in the infrared 

      Battal, Enes; Özcan, Ayşe; Okyay, Ali Kemal (IEEE, 2013)
      We present an electrically tunable optical device with ultra-broadband tunability operating in 2-10 μm spectrum. We also, for the first time, optically observe resistive switching behavior in reflection measurements under ...
    • Memristive behavior in a junctionless flash memory cell 

      Orak, I.; Ürel, M.; Bakan, G.; Dana, A. (American Institute of Physics Inc., 2015)
      We report charge storage based memristive operation of a junctionless thin film flash memory cell when it is operated as a two terminal device by grounding the gate. Unlike memristors based on nanoionics, the presented ...
    • Reversible electrical reduction and oxidation of graphene oxide 

      Ekiz, O. O.; Ürel, M.; Güner, H.; Mizrak, A. K.; Dâna, A. (American Chemical Society, 2011)
      We demonstrate that graphene oxide can be reversibly reduced and oxidized using electrical stimulus. Controlled reduction and oxidation in two-terminal devices containing multilayer graphene oxide films are shown to result ...