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    • Complementarities and the existence of Strong Berge equilibrium 

      Keskin, K.; Sağlam, Ç. (EDP Sciences, 2014)
      This paper studies the existence and the order structure of strong Berge equilibrium, a refinement of Nash equilibrium, for games with strategic complementarities a la strong Berge. It is shown that the equilibrium set is ...
    • Learning problem solving strategies using refinement and macro generation 

      Güvenir, H. A.; Ernst, G. W. (Elsevier BV, 1990)
      In this paper we propose a technique for learning efficient strategies for solving a certain class of problems. The method, RWM, makes use of two separate methods, namely, refinement and macro generation. The former is a ...
    • Problem representation for refinement 

      Guvenir, H. A.; Akman, V. (Springer Netherlands, 1992)
      In this paper we attempt to develop a problem representation technique which enables the decomposition of a problem into subproblems such that their solution in sequence constitutes a strategy for solving the problem. An ...