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    • Decomposing linear programs for parallel solution 

      Pınar, Ali; Çatalyürek Ümit V.; Aykanat, Cevdet; Pınar, Mustafa (Springer, 1995-08)
      Coarse grain parallelism inherent in the solution of Linear Programming (LP) problems with block angular constraint matrices has been exploited in recent research works. However, these approaches suffer from unscalability ...
    • Evidence-Based Clinical Use of Nanoscale Extracellular Vesicles in Nanomedicine 

      Fais, S.; O'Driscoll, L.; Borras, F. E.; Buzas, E.; Camussi, G.; Cappello, F.; Carvalho, J.; Cordeiro Da Silva, A.; Del Portillo, H.; El Andaloussi, S.; Ficko Trček, T.; Furlan, R.; Hendrix, A.; Gursel, I.; Kralj-Iglic, V.; Kaeffer, B.; Kosanovic, M.; Lekka, M. E.; Lipps, G.; Logozzi, M.; Marcilla, A.; Sammar, M.; Llorente, A.; Nazarenko, I.; Oliveira, C.; Pocsfalvi, G.; Rajendran, L.; Raposo, G.; Rohde, E.; Siljander, P.; Van, N. G.; Vasconcelos, M. H.; Yáñez-Mó, M.; Yliperttula, M. L.; Zarovni, N.; Zavec, A. B.; Giebel, B. (American Chemical Society, 2016-03)
      Recent research has demonstrated that all body fluids assessed contain substantial amounts of vesicles that range in size from 30 to 1000 nm and that are surrounded by phospholipid membranes containing different membrane ...
    • A survey on information security threats and solutions for Machine to Machine (M2M) communications 

      Tuna, G.; Kogias, D. G.; Gungor, V. C.; Gezer, C.; Taşkın, E.; Ayday, E. (Academic Press Inc., 2017)
      Although Machine to Machine (M2M) networks allow the development of new promising applications, the restricted resources of machines and devices in the M2M networks bring several constraints including energy, bandwidth, ...