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    • Ray tracing geometric models and parametric surfaces 

      İşler, Veysi (Bilkent University, 1989)
      In many computer graphics applications such as CAD, realistic displays have very important and positive effects on designers using the system. There axe several techniques to generate realistic images with the computer. ...
    • Resonance lens antenna analysis for MM-wave applications 

      Boriskin, A. V.; Nosich, A. I.; Boriskina, S. V.; Sewell, P.; Benson, T. M.; Altintas, A. (2004)
      We report what is to our knowledge the first accurate theoretical investigation of the electromagnetic behavior of 2-D elliptical lenses of finite wavelength-scale size. The role of internal resonances in the focal domain ...
    • Space weather studies of IONOLAB group 

      Arikan, F.; Sezen, U.; Toker C.; Artuner, H.; Bulu, G.; Demir, U.; Erdem, E.; Arikan, O.; Tuna, H.; Gulyaeva, T. L.; Karatay S.; Mosna, Z. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016)
      IONOLAB is an interdisciplinary research group dedicated for handling the challenges of near earth environment on communication, positioning and remote sensing systems. IONOLAB group contributes to the space weather studies ...
    • Spatial subdivision for parallel ray casting/tracing 

      İşler, Veysi (Bilkent University, 1995)
      Ray casting/tracing has been extensively studied for a long time, since it is an elegant way of producing realistic images. However, it is a computationally intensive algorithm. In this study, a taxonomy of parallel ray ...
    • Turkey: State of the art in computer graphics-The Turkish scene 

      Özgüç, B. (1996)
      [No abstract available]