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    • Polarization included geometry based channel modeling for MIMO systems 

      Akkaya, Keziban (Bilkent University, 2008)
      Most of the studies in the literature about channel modeling do not include the polarization. Aiming to develop a more realistic geometric model including polarization, the channel characteristics are examined using ...
    • Right-triangular subdivision for texture mapping ray-traced objects 

      Akdemir, U.; Özgüç, B.; Güdükbay, Uğur; Selçuk, A. (Springer, 1998)
      The introduction of global illumination and texture mapping enabled the generation of high-quality, realistic looking images of computer graphics models. We describe a fast and efficient 2D texture mapping algorithm that ...
    • Volume based texture mapping 

      Salk, Gürkan (Bilkent University, 1995)
      'I'he most realistic and attractive computer generated images are usually those that contain a large arnount of visual complexity and detail. Texturing is a widely used way of adding visual complexity and detail to ...