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    • Radiation properties of sources inside photonic crystals 

      Bulu, I.; Caglayan, H.; Özbay, Ekmel (2003)
      In this work, we have experimentally studied the emission of radiation from a monopole source embedded in a photonic crystal. We have demonstrated the enhancement of radiation at the band edges and at the cavity modes ...
    • Specific absorption rate reduction using nonlinear gradient fields 

      Kopanoglu, E.; Yilmaz, U.; Gokhalk, Y.; Atalar, Ergin (Wiley, 2013)
      The specific absorption rate is used as one of the main safety parameters in magnetic resonance imaging. The performance of imaging sequences is frequently hampered by the limitations imposed on the specific absorption ...
    • Thermodynamic parameters of Cs+ sorption on natural clays 

      Shahwan, T.; Erten, H. N. (Akademiai Kiado Rt., 2002)
      The sorption behavior of Cs+ on kaolinite, chlorite-illite, and bentonite clays as a function of time, cation concentration, and temperature was studied using the radiotracer method. Sorption data were well represented by ...