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    • The expressive power of temporal relational query languages 

      Tansel, A. U.; Tin, E. (IEEE, 1997)
      We consider the representation of temporal data based on tuple and attribute timestamping. We identify the requirements in modeling temporal data and elaborate on their implications in the expressive power of temporal query ...
    • Optimization of signature file parameters for databases with varying record lengths 

      Kocberber, S.; Can, F.; Patton, J. M. (Oxford University Press, 1999)
      For signature files we propose a new false drop estimation method for databases with varying record lengths. Our approach provides more accurate estimation of the number of false drops by considering the lengths of individual ...
    • Research issues in real-time database systems . Survey paper 

      Ulusoy, Ö. (Elsevier, 1995)
      Today's real-time systems are characterized by managing large volumes of data. Efficient database management algorithms for accessing and manipulating data are required to satisfy timing constraints of supported applications. ...